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MAH Leaders

MAH’s key staff focuses on the integration of the company’s core competencies to be ahead of the business environment and professional growth. The collective efforts demonstrate the ability to work closely with other their colleagues focusing on the mission and vision with ambition to put the customer first.

Board of Directors

Members of the Board of Directors include individuals who have achieved leadership stature in business, government, philanthropy, or the nonprofit sector.

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Staff List

Stephen Lewis
Founder and Chief Executive Officer, stephen.lewis@mahinc.org

Tiesha Lewis
Director of Accounts, tiesha.lewis@mahinc.org

Jonathan Forna
Sr. Coordinator, jonathan.forna@mahinc.org

Frederick Mears
Sr. Outreach Coordinator, frederick.mears@mahinc.org

Melissa Fleury
Marketing and Outreach Coordinator, melissa.fleury@mahinc.org

Yanira Flores
Client Service Manager, yanira.flores@mahinc.org (Bilingual)

Erica Alvarado
Mortgage Counselor, erica.alvarado@mahinc.org (Bilingual)

Building a Uniform Team

We are always looking for professional individuals to join the MAH team. For additional information, please send email to stephen.lewis@mahinc.org.