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About Us


To bring Dallas Home Buyers into the market place by making them acceptable for lender financing.


Bridging partnerships together to help Dallas Home Buyers establish long-term success through homeownership.

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Founded in 2013, Making Acceptable Homeowners purpose is to assist Dallas Home Buyers who are low-to-moderate income earners, military service members (active or veterans), and the working class successfully qualify for a home in Dallas. We developed the Dallas Home Buyer Options  to maximize your home buying experience by providing different lender and community program options eligible for consumers to qualify for.


We are committed to providing the best lender and community programs available for Dallas Home Buyers that consumers would be eligible to participate. Through federal, state, and local grants, home buyer could be eligible for grants which will make buying a new home possible.

We partner with the State of Texas, City of Dallas, UPCAP community housing development organizations (CHDO), private builders, other city and county programs, community advocates and more. Doing the right thing for future homeowners is important, therefore MAH ensures proper education and certification is needed to secure the down payment assistance funds available to you.

Our strategic plan makes the home buying process easy for borrowers and efficient for lenders. We provide the confidence needed to own a home and maintain a home after closing.  MAH focus on integrity, diligence, and transparency to the customer meeting their specific needs when obtaining and keeping a home mortgage.  The level of education and knowledge within Making Acceptable Homeowners helps eliminate unacceptable mortgages, exposure to investors, and economic setbacks. Our team of mortgage professionals are connected to the community.

Homeowners served by MAH can proudly know they selected the best loan options available and can play an intricate role in creating ownership success in the community.

Our lending partners in Dallas are connected to the community and committed to creating strong, safe vibrant neighborhoods which will thrive for generations.