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Dallas Home Buyer Options

Dallas Home Buyer Options

Dallas Home Buyer Options help you find a solution to getting qualified to purchase a home using a variety of Lending Programs available to you in the Dallas area metroplex.  Whether you are re-entering the market, a first time home buyer, or veteran this program we will ensure you guided properly to meeting lending program requirements.

MAH’s process gives buyers the opportunity to know their buying power and understand the lending options available in order to make informed decisions both now and in the future. We provide informed recommendations to become to successful home buyer.

Our program helps:

Analyze income, assets, and other sources of information to provide in-depth information based on the borrowers current home buying position and future changes in your circumstances.
Identify and assess limitations within or outside credit history that can result in a high risk transaction and affect the debt-to-income ratio requirements.
Avoid default against risky mortgage loans and making a reasonable determination of the borrower’s repayment ability while evaluating what is best for their individual needs.
Know information on the various type of lending programs available to better understand your options.
Partner Lenders, Loan Officers, Mortgage Brokers, Bankers, Builders, and Real Estate professionals who are on hand to help you find obtain the right information at the right time. We offer a full service process for home buying.

Dallas Home Buyer Options includes


Want a Lending Credit Report?

Obtaining a lending credit report provides you the ability to know your “lending scores” from all three bureau reporting agencies (Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion).

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